Enjoy sports like a local. Anywhere, anytime.Dudelo is a global peer-2-peer platform connecting sports dudes so everybody can enjoy the sport anywhere, anytime.

Are you a keen

Meet other sports(wo)men, enjoy the sport together, explore new places, or get paid for guiding, training or renting your equipment. Become an early-bird member, gain exclusive benefits, and get notified once the full version is out!

What is Dudelo about?

1. Get connected & have fun

Become a part of the community, get in touch with other keen sports dudes from around the world, and enjoy sports together.

2. Enjoy sports like a local

Explore new places and try new sports while traveling. Let locals show you places where only they go for sports. Plus, if you register by June, your sports insurace is on us.

3. Make it your extra income

Guide dudes on the go to your favorite local places, train together or rent them gear and get paid for it. Now with 0% Dudelo commission for the first 3 months.

4. Exceptional gear discounts

Enjoy gear for unbeatable prices or for free on the Dudelo marketplace and show off with new gear every year.

We are starting soon!Join us now and get exclusive benefits available for early‑bird only.(Applicable for registrations in June only.)


Registration platform for Dudes5 April 2022
Mobile applications for TravellersJune 2022
More featuresLate 2022