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About us

Dudelo came about as an idea when I wanted to ride a downhill bike on holiday in Croatia. Just to get away from the sea for two days. I just didn't have a bike or a partner to show me the right places. And so the idea for an app that connects sportsmen on the go with locals was born. With the dudelo app, you can instantly find out who in your area offers equipment rentals, guiding services or training sessions.

In the fall of 2021, I designed and drew everything, then teamed up with the dudes at Synetech to... redraw it all again. :)

Gradually more sports enthusiasts joined, we tested and pushed, developed and spouted ideas and today we are a small team of freaks launching a great platform for sportsmen to enjoy sports anywhere and anytime. For the 2022 summer season we have prepared and launched a pilot test of the platform, which is running in Croatia, Italy Czechia and Slovakia now.

Join us and help build a community of sportsmen helping each other. This project has the potential to be truly remarkable. And we will not let up! :)

So this is who we are...

DUDELO core team

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The father of dudelo

DH biking, climbing, snowboarding

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Running and indoor onboarding queen

Running, running, running...

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Company angel, dealing with dudes and onboarding, system admin

Orienteering running

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Ourdoor sports onboarding king

Enduro geek, crazy mind

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Content magician

Biking, hiking


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Experienced IT professional with a focus on digital products

Swimming, biking, XC skiing

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Platform magician

Many different sports, keen and successful SPARTAN fighter

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Product and UX designer

"The only sport I do is a daily exercise with pixels"


We are here for you and will be happy to help you promptly. Leave us a message, we'll get back to you.
Your Dudelo team!
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