For Local Dudes:

What is Dudelo?

Dudelo is a free platform connecting passionate dudes from around the world with dudes on the go seeking guides, trainers, or renters of sports gear. As a Local Dude on Dudelo, you can make extra money doing what you love and/or get new gear at special prices or for free. As a Dude on the go, you have the whole sports world in your pocket! Explore how Dudelo works here.

Is there a membership fee?

Nope. You won’t pay any fees at all for being a dude in Dudelo. Not now, nor any time in the future.

How to become a Local Dude in Dudelo?

Just sign up for free, fill in your location, show what you have to offer, and we’ll bring you the customers.

Is a Dude charged any commission?

Long story short, yes. The standard commission on your price is 15%. However, if you take Dudelo seriously, it may drop down to 10% or even to zero. It's all up2u – we value the number of your transactions and the rating you get from your customers.

Does a Dude sign up any contract?

Nope. No contracts, no commitments, no risk. That’s how we like it.

Is the equipment insured when being rented?

Yes. The equipment you rent to a Dude on the go may be insured with AXA global insurance, and it is the traveler who pays for it. It is up to you whether you require the traveler to get it or not. You choose it during the process of adding your offer.

Are the transactions insured?

No worries. The transactions are well taken care of. They are secured through Stripe, an international payment gateway. Your earnings will thus reach you safely when the service is over.

How will I get my money?

We will pay out your income from Dudelo on a banking account you provided during registration.

When do I get my money?

The standard settlement frequency is monthly. Your money will be paid out within five days after the end of the month. It can also be weekly (our commission will increase by 1%) or even immediately after the successful completion of the rental, guiding, or training (3% higher commission).

Can I get discounts or special offers for equipment?

For sure! On Dudelo's marketplace, you can get exclusive discounts for gear you desire or special offers directly from gear producers that you won't get anywhere else.

Can I get sponsored?

Dudes that are serious about Dudelo business will, after some time, achieve the role of an ambassador. This means you still do what dudes do, but thanks to the quality of services you provide and the number of customers you regularly have, you'll get sponsored by gear producers. When you approach the level of an ambassador in terms of quality and volume of service, we will let you know well in advance and provide you with all the rules and options.