How does Dudelo work?

They say the simplest things work best – that's what inspired us to bring Dudelo into the world. This simple yet powerful platform connects local sports dudes like you with travelers looking to have fun on the go. It's a win-win model - travelers can enjoy their favorite sports like locals, wherever they are and you get paid for doing what you love. And it’s completely risk-free – you don’t pay any fees nor make any commitments.

4 step guide

1. Get started

Just sign up and enjoy your lifetime membership for free. Dudelo has been designed so that you never pay, just get paid.

2. Make your offer

Show travelers what you have to offer. Present your gear to rent, provide training sessions, or guide them to the top sports places or trails in your area and have fun together.

3. Flexibility as a standard

Set the price, specify your time availability and schedule your activities as it best suits you. You are the one to decide whether you accept an order or not.

4. Get paid for what you love

Place your offer and we’ll bring you the customers. Choose orders that match your desires, do what you love, and make money. And no worries, all transactions and gear are covered by AXA global insurance.

Everyone has something.

No worries, every sports enthusiast has something to offer. You can rent your gear and equipment (fully insured), show around local sports places, trails and routes, or train together. You choose the time, you set the price.

And there’s more to get.

Get discounts and special offers from gear producers and buy new equipment every season. The Dudelo marketplace is ready to bring you offers you can only dream of elsewhere. And if you take the Dudelo business seriously, you can become ambassador and get sponsorship or free gear directly from manufacturers.

Ready to make money by doing what you love? Place your offer now and we’ll bring you the customers.